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A GLOG In The Dark: The Whisper

 Blades In The Dark is a fun game, and has been on my mind recently. So when someone asked on the OSR discord server if there were any ghost-related GLOG classes, well, it got the gears in my brain turning.

The Whisper

Whether you were born with it, trained for it, or gained it suddenly, you have a connection with the dead. You hear their staticky voices in the night, feel the electric tingle of their presence. You are a medium, an occultist, a necromancer in the original sense of the word. You call upon the dead, and they respond. 

As a quick aside, I use spirit to refer to incorporeal undead in general

Starting Equipment: Dark clothing, a light weapon, spirit mask, 2 ghost bottles, lantern, and roll twice for or choose one other piece of equipment from the list at the end

Starting Proficiencies: Light weapons, light armor, guns

Starting Skills (roll 1d3): 1. Occultism    2. Skulduggery    3. Electrical Engineering

  • A: Spirit Sight, Tongue of the Dead                                                                            
  • B: Exorcist's Grit, Shadow Veil                                                                             
  • C: Command                                                                                    
  • D: Ghost-Tamer, Overcharge

Spirit Sight: While wearing your spirit mask, you can see into the Spirit Realm, where the souls of dead things leave their echoes. You can see the spirits of the dead around you, as well as the remains of particularly important ruins that have since fallen. The world appears hazy and indistinct, and you have trouble differentiating between the real world and the ghost one while the mask is on.

Tongue of the Dead: You can speak to ghosts while wearing your mask. Most are either cryptic, confused, or aggressive, although you're bound to get at least a few scraps of information from them.

Exorcist's Grit: Spiritual toughness is just as important as the physical kind. You cannot be magically frightened or possessed.

Shadow Veil: You can project your soul from your body, up to 10 feet away. It appears as a faint distortion of light and space. and can pass through walls. If it comes into contact with electricity, you take 2d6 damage as your soul experiences a deadly power surge.

Command: You can call upon a spirit that you see and force it to obey a single order from you. You can use this ability [template] times per day for free; after that, you take 1d6 damage each time as outside ghostly energy begins to saturate your soul.

Ghost-Tamer: When speaking to ghosts, you can force their answers to be clear and concise, dimming them to an ember in the process. Each time you do this, you must leave a offering or tribute to the extinguished ghost, or else the Spirit Realm will begin to grow hostile to you.

Overcharge: With a look, you can connect your soul, the soul of another person, and the Spirit Realm all together. in a ghostly short circuit. Roll up to 4d6; both you and one visible creature of your choice take that much damage as you are fried by electro-spiritual energy.

Starting Items:

  1. Spirit Mask, usually made out of wood or metal. Allows anyone to see the faint signs of the dead, and grants you your Sight.
  2. 2 Spirit Bottles, compact metal canisters with a small latched door on one side. Open the door to suck in the nearest spirit and trap it, open again to release.
  3. A Swordcane. 1d6 damage, light, concealable, and classy.
  4. A Rifle. 2d8 damage, range of 60ft, takes half a minute to reload, breech-loading. Ammo sold seperately.
  5. Lancaster Pistol. 2d6 damage per shot, range of 30ft, holds 4 shots, takes a round to reload per cartridge. Breech-loading, ammo sold seperately.
  6. Lightning Hook. A long collapsible rod with a electrified loop of heavy wire at the end. Can grab onto spirits and drag them around.
  7. Occult Paraphernalia. Bones, candles, chalk, astrological charts, and various other items that one would commonly use in ritual magic, all conveniently packed into a single container.
  8. Leviathan Blood. A large canister of blood, with wires and metal clamps sticking out of both sides. Basically a giant battery, highly explosive.
  9. Spiritbane Charm. While worn in a visible place, spirits will refuse to interact with or get close to the wearer unless absolutely necessary. 
  10. Shadow Cloak. Perfectly colored to blend into areas of dim light. Too light to work in absolute darkness.
  11. Electroplasm Bullets. A set of 6 bullets that are partially in phase with the Spirit Realm. Deals full damage to spirits, but only half to corporeal beings.
  12. Ghost Oil. Things with the oil poured onto it become ghostly, becoming solid to spirits and incorporeal to people. Works on living things (but make sure to cover the whole body!), lasts 10 minutes. 3 doses.
  13. Powdered Silence. When dusted around, dampens any sound around it into a whisper. Less effective in open spaces, 3 doses.
  14. Sludge. A ghost, "cooked down" into liquid and put into a bottle. The fumes get you incredibly high.
  15. Vantablack Paint. Anything covered with it becomes perfectly black. 5 doses.
  16. A Journal, one that once belonged to a now well-established witch.
  17. Biolumen Liquid. An injectable bacterial cocktail that causes swollen, glowing growths. Works well on sealife, iffy on birds, moderately toxic to mammals and reptiles.
  18. Inklantern. When a candle is lit inside, this lantern radiates darkness instead of light.
  19. Fine Whiskey, the real expensive stuff.
  20. Something weird, roll 1d6
    1. NINE SWORDS REVERSED, a cinquedea of pale. The presence of this dagger instills a strong sense of anxiety and dread to anyone not holding it.
    2. A Signet Ring of a prestigious noble family that still carries respect. No one needs to know that you got it via grave-robbing
    3. A Copper Bell with no clapper. Rings whenever something nearby dies.
    4. The True Name to a powerful demon, which would probably be pissed if you summon or command it.
    5. Scrimshaw of sailors going Leviathan hunting. Sleeping near it always causes dreams of ocean depths and night skies, which frightens you awaken if danger is close.
    6. A Calculation Engine, inside a carrying case. Computes numbers, time, distance, and anything else mathematical. The perfect combination of heavy and fragile.         


Tuesday, December 8, 2020

(Highly Incomplete) LIBRA Adventure

 I made an adventure for the LIBRA GLOGhack by Archon's Court to run for my players soon. It's very barebones, and is pretty much just glorified DM notes, but there's probably at least some useful stuff in there. I've never been much for revising anyways

Ever since 2011, McNeil Island in the Puget Sound has been known as the home of around 200 of Washington's worst rapists, pedophiles, and sex offenders. Or at least, that's what the government says. In reality, the island has become a base of the government agency OSIRIS, as a testing ground for inducing psychic powers. As test subjects, you are glorified prisoners, being experimented on with strange chemicals. But, one day, a GRU-P bioweapon escapes on-site testing, giving you an opportunity to escape. Can you take it?

Click HERE to access it

Sunday, November 22, 2020

How Much Weird Media Do You Need?

In the vein of these things

1. Photos of Tundra 1999 - A collection of 37 photos of a snowy field presumably located in Canada. Many photographs include various humanoid figures made of light, floating or walking around. The last photo depicts a crowd of them staring at a deer dying of severe burns.

2. DOG.mp4 - A recording taken from a camera monitor installed in a baby's room. In the first three minutes, a large dark shape can be seen stumbling aimlessly around the room. At the 3:11 mark, the figure flips the light switch on, revealing it to be a large stuffed German Shepard standing on its hind legs. It walks out of the room as the baby starts to cry. 14 seconds later, the video ends.

3. The Art of the Scare - A 12 minute "audiovisual collage" of scenes from various movies, shows, video games, and music videos, originally aired at Cornish College Of The Arts at Seattle. The various clips shown focus on frightening scenes, both inside and outside the horror genre. Those who view the whole video develop moderate to severe HPPD within 90 days, even if they have no history of hallucinogen use.

4. Larks' Tongues In Aspic VI - The sixth part of the Larks' Tongues in Aspic series of songs by King Crimson. This song is by far the longest in the series, at 20 minutes, and incorporates elements of ambient and harsh noise. The final section, subtitled Woke From The Dream, contains references to the War on Terror and Coronavirus pandemic, as well as several future events including genocides in Ukraine, ecological disasters across North Africa, and "blood washing the Chicago gutters".

5.  LuminiferousLou - A Youtube channel run by a man known only as Lou, dedicated to chemistry. Past videos include him successfully recreating things such as Greek Fire, Pholgiston, and Luminiferous Aether. His current series is about applying the stages of Nigredo, Albedo, Citrinitas, and Rubedo on different objects in order to find which one would produce a Philosopher's Stone.

6. Can You See Them Shine? - A small self-help book produced by a New Age group called The Brothers and Sisters of Light. Detailed with are various fasting and mediation exercises designed to "open the third eye to They Within The Waves". At the back of the book is an advertisement for a commune in Arizona, with several pictures of a stone obelisk having bright lights shone on it.

7. Jellyfish Dive - This video was taken by a remote submarine put into Jellyfish Lake in Palau, with the purpose of investigating the lake's bottom. Footage shows that the lake does not end at 100 ft feet as it should but instead extends into more open water. The jellyfish also get larger as the sub descends; by 650 ft, the water is populated by Lion's Mane Jellyfish. At 800 ft, shortly before ascending, the camera catches a glimpse of a massive shape moving deep below, estimated to be around 120 ft long.

8. Daddy-Duaghter-Fun-Time - Footage originally posted on Pornhub, before being uploaded to various video streaming sites. Over the course of half an hour, a man uses various saws, clippers, and other tools to dismember a sex doll. He refers to it as his daughter, and explains that he's doing it to please "the Indian spirits... in the internet dark web communities". After finishing the deconstruction, he gathers them up and brings them to a closet filled with dozens of other dismembered parts.

9.  GhostAnon - A regular poster on various boards of 4chan. Said user repeatedly complains about seeing ghosts out on the streets, inserting these rants into otherwise normal comments. Videos posted by them most often show the insides of an abandoned house, with dark shadows wandering through, making garbled noises and holding various objects. Whenever the poster tries to communicate, the sound of wind distorts all other audio, and the shadows seem to cower or flee.

10. Break All Chains - An essay formerly posted on several leftist websites, before being taken down, and now only being circulated by screenshots. The essay tells that all laws, including physical, are meant to restrain and imprison people, and by collective thinking, people can break those laws and impose a "new, better, more radical reality" in their area. Since its release, leftists communities that study and discuss this text often has its members experience glossolalia and spontaneous combustion.

Creepy fucker


Friday, October 30, 2020

Seraphim's Gate Rooms


Seraphim's Gate is a strange, twisted place, an otherworldy cancer manifesting itself into an everchanging maze, getting more elaborate as you go deeper within. Shallow layers resemble what you could find in a humble abbey; near the center, it's a exaggerated gothic mess. Here are some of the rooms you can find within. To roll for them, roll 1d10 and add the number of layers you are in. You start at layer 0.

  1. Garden: Sad, withered plants looking out onto a sad, withered wasteland
  2. Kitchen: Sparse, with most of the food having rotted away. Has a couple knives, if you're desperate for weapons
  3. Wine Cellar: Plain stone floors, 1d12+2 large casks of wine.Only 1d4-1 of them is actual good wine, the rest having been severely watered down by holy water, milk, honey, and/or blood
  4. Sleeping Quarters: Simple bunk beds lay in rows. Hidden under a mattress is  1. A dagger  2. A bottle of whiskey  3. A pouch of 1d20 gold  4. Cheap erotica
  5.  Base Camp: Several fine tents in a cleared out room, with the few remaining contents shoved against one wall. Steamer trunks are filled with fancy clothing, high-quality alcohol and tobacco, rapiers, flintlock pistols, and occult notes.
  6. Crypt: Dark and dusty. Dead wrapped in white cloth are interred in stone niches. One of them is new, bearing distinctive wounds, as if they were killed by a random creature within.
  7. Chapel: A humble chapel, with 1d6+2 rows of pews and a bare stone altar. The decorations remaining on the walls look old and faded.
  8. Bell Tower: A spiral staircase winding around a central shaft, the top of which has a giant bell. If rung, it automatically triggers an encounter. It can also be cut to crash through the floor, creating a shortcut 1d4+1 layers lower, and attracting an encounter from that layer as it investigates.
  9. Great Hall: A massive hallway that extends into the horizon. High visibility, and very easy to get flanked and cornered.
  10. Confessional Chamber: Rows of confessionals set across the walls. The first character to go inside one and speak hears  1. The slurred advice of a Drunken Visionary  2. Strange, chiming angelspeak  3. Blasphemous scripture from a Penitent Demon  4. The gnashing jaws of a Confessional Mimic!
  11. Library: 1d4 stories high, and filled with books on religion, philosophy, and the occult. Behind a bookshelf is a secret chamber that  1. Has a spellbook within it  2. Leads 1d2+1 layers deeper  3. Hides a bulky Golden Flame machine designed to speak to spirits  4. Has an encounter from 1d3 layers deeper hidden inside.
  12. Statuary: A room filled with statues of saints and humanoid angels. They  1. Each have offering slots, with 1d20 gold in each one  2. Contain the bones of actual dead saints  3. Will animate to punish anyone who uses violence within
  13. Fountain: A fountain centered around a statue of an angel gifting water to begging men and women. The water  1. Turns anything dipped within to gold  2. Can render those soaked in it invisible to holy creatures  3. Is contaminated by milk and honey  4. Is so holy that everything that isn't angelic is dissolved by its touch
  14. Anchorite's Hideout: What can only be described as a tiny, spartan stone house built into the cathedral. The exit is sealed and must be broken down, and the anchorite within is  1. Dead  2. Is mad and babbles in angelspeak  3. Will give well-meaning advice  4. Will give treacherous advice
  15. Saint's Shrine: A large altar and surrounding artwork dedicated to a specific saint, with gifts lying on it. Depending on whether the altar is offered to or looted/desecrated, the saint will bestow an oddly specific blessing or curse related to its portfolio/quickly-scanned Wikipedia page 

  16. Reliquary Chamber: Filled with holy artifacts, dead saint parts, and the like. Among all the religious bric-a-brac is a magic item
  17. Choral Chamber: A semicircular room, with raised seats for choir singers. Those who try to sing inside  1. Manifest a choir collar  2. Cause ghostly singers to appear alongside them  3. Are filled with a sense of inner tranquility  4. Attract a Castrato Choir
  18. Sacred Flame: A chamber centered around a stone basin with a golden-white flame burning inside. Those who stoke the flame are rewarded with its loyalty, while those who try to extinguish it are attacked by a Sacred Flame Elemental
  19. Prayer Labyrinth: A massive labyrinth design, spread across the floor. Those who follow the path the entire way have one question vaguely answered. Those who cross any lines are struck down with holy fire.
  20. Organ Room: A pipe organ dominates one part of this room. Playing it is very loud, and triggers an encounter roll, as well as  1. Giving one the ability to understand angelspeak  2. Causing 1d20*50 gold to blast out of the pipes  3. Deafening the player  4. Shaking the chamber hard enough to make it collapse
  21. Grand Cathedral: 1d20+10 rows of pews, elaborate altar, stained glass windows, grand gothic excess. High traffic, so you'll always have an encounter here.
  22. Ossuary: A crypt for saints, where everything is made of bones. Should one disturb the valuable-strewn graves, all centered around a magic item here, the bones will lash out to attack, and assemble themselves into guardians
  23. Outdoor Grotto: A room open to the starry night sky, far lovelier looking than actual night. A grove of trees ring the room, guarded by an invisible angel wielding a flaming sword that punishes anyone who sins within the room
  24. Bridge: A long bridge, connecting two huge floating chunks of cathedral across  1. A massive, Blame!-esque expanse of more cathedral on all sides  2. Empty void  3. Blue skies  4. Blinding white light. In any case, don't fall!
  25. On a 25 or over, you suddenly exit onto a ledge near the top of a blasted crater. Far down, the wracked, dying body of Araquiel can be seen, chunks of cubic gold weeping milk and honey.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

5G Bestiary #2: Blood

Art Source Here

 Bloodtanks: Vampires and blood go together like peanut butter and chocolate. The decadent ones (and that's a lot of them) have great blood fountains, mix it into perfumes and makeup, bathe in it, and do all other sorts of ridiculous, wasteful things. But blood collection is messy, and you can't sit in a bathtub of blood for forever. That realization caused a particularly bloodthirsty vampire to invent the Bloodtank. With this wonderful invention, one could float in a tank of blood, controlling hypodermic needle-tendrils to quickly and cleanly extract more supply. The main "drawback" if the users even realize it, is that all that blood puts them in a constant blood high, making them constantly spacey. If you destroy it, well, then, be prepared to deal with a pissed-off naked vampire going through a blood withdrawl.

HD: 5  AC: As Chain  Speed: Normal, but hovers above the ground

Damage: 1d6, from blood-draining needle, and drains 1d3 strength until the next rest. Regain 1d2 of that strength every day/rest.

Blood Soak: The Bloodtank can vent a small amount of blood to make the surrounding ground slippery

Outer Shell: If destroyed, you still have to deal with the vampire inside

Wants: To keep its tank full and its brain nice and fuzzy, to get any parts need for repairs/tune-ups

There are occasional rumors that some Bloodtanks are designed to slot into larger Bloodmechas as a cockpit; however, this is ridiculous fearmongering, and you shouldn't have to worry about it.


HD: 6  AC: As Plate  Speed: Fast, and can scale walls

Damage: 2d6 from needle-tendrils, and drains 1d4+1 strength 

Ripper Claws: Deals 1d6 damage, and gives a -1 penalty to armor each time it hits

Outer Shell: If destroyed, you still need to deal with the Bloodtank inside

Drunken Visionary

There are many different kinds of liquids inside Seraphim's Gate. Milk, honey, holy water, and the blood of both men and angels all flow throughout in artificial creeks eroded into the cathedral floors. Occasionally, one can find a monk or nun drinking from one of these. Their clothes soaked with all these liquids, they're thoroughly drunk with the holy power within them, experiencing swirling holy visions. If you ask nicely, they may help you find the way, describing two separate, nearby locations, and their details and inhabitants in vague, cryptic descriptions of their hallucinations.

(Many thanks to Daemons and Deathrays, for inspiring the first creature, and for being the first RPG blog I ever stumbled upon.)

Thursday, October 1, 2020

The Grotesque Grimoire of GLOGgish Ghouls and Goblins #1: Gundead

 When you really think about it, being shot is a brutal way to go. A tiny chunk of hot lead, ripping through skin, muscle, fat, and bone at over 1.5k miles an hour. Headshots, especially, are nasty. It isn't like a game or movie, where it's a small, clean hole; no, when you shoot someone in the head, bone sprays out and brain splatters. Is it any wonder that, when a weapon causes this much violence, sometimes it hungers for more?

When a gun kills enough, when it sends enough souls to heaven or hell or wherever else, it occasionally becomes aware, a Gundead. It gains a mind and personality, and the power to overwrite the minds and personalities of others. Gundead are always arrogant and bloodthirsty, though this manifests in different ways. A shotgun might be brutal and vulgar, a sniper rifle would be cold and distant, a revolver might have a superficial sense of honor, and so on. Whatever the case, they'll try to make the rest of your life short and painful.

Gundead have 1 HD and no physical stats. Their host has HD, AC, and physical stats appropriate to what they were before they were overwritten. Although they speak through their host, they try not to reveal their true state, so that they aren't immediately destroyed. If a person picks up a Gundead, they must make a CHA save, or have their movements hijacked by the Gundead. If they fail a second save the turn after, their mind is overwritten by the Gundead's; even if freed, they'll still keep lingering personality traits.  

Wants: To kill for fun, to do it in the most impressive/brutal way possible, to boast and be flattered

Greater Gundead: Sometimes, a Gundead is wielded for so long by a single body that they begin to favor it. Even if the body is killed, rather than find a new host, they'll command it to rise again. Eventually, the body will become a walking skeleton, still clutching its gun. These Gundead can only be killed if their host is destroyed, and the host can't be destroyed unless it is turned to ash and scattered to the four winds.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Esoteric Order of the Golden Flame


From Hellboy, Into The Silent Sea

    The quest for immortality is a long and storied one, filled with rich idiots who don't really know what they're talking about. The Esoteric Order of the Golden Flame was no different. When scrolls detailing the calling and summoning of angels was first found by the honorable explorer Sir Percival Aylesworth, immortality was immediately on his mind. Rather than share the knowledge with filthy commoners, he instead created a secret club order of equally rich men and women to conduct experiments alongside with. An idle distraction soon turned into genuine occult obsession, and soon Aylesworth's manor was gutted and filled with ritual signs and communication devices. At the height of their madness, they were contacted by Araquiel, a Throne who offered them the secret to eternal life.

    And then he was promptly cast out of heaven for daring to share the secrets of God.

    By the time that they got to where he fell, the cathedrals of the Seraphim's Gate was already filling the crater and sending spires up. Undeterred, they brought equipment and entered, where they promptly all met horrible fates. Some became Ghouls, which will be detailed in a later post. Others became these.

Also from Hellboy, Almost Colossus


HD: 4 AC: As leather + shield 

Damage: 1d6, from slam

Appearance: A roughly sculpted approximation of a naked human, made from clay. A hole in its chest burns with a dim flame.

Wants: To escape, although it doesn't know how or why.

Treasure: None, although if you leave the body mostly intact, you could use it as a Homunculus Shell.

Some Golden Dawn members, attempting to avoid becoming Ghouls or being possessed by angels, transferred their souls into hastily made shells. Much had to be stripped away to fit within clay and mud, and now they're confused and panicking, lashing out at any who might try to stop their escape.


HD: 5  AC: As Chain

Damage: Roll 1d6 to see how it deals damage

  1. Speaks the language of God. 1d8 damage to all who hear it each round
  2. Controls a dancing sword. 1d8 damage
  3. Tongue of fire hovering above them that lashes out with flames. 1d6 damage
  4. Holds censer of choking incense. Blocks visibility, and deals 1d4 damage to all within the cloud who don't hold their breath
  5. Wrathful gaze that can tear a person apart. 1d10 damage, but it has to focus on the target
  6. Surrounded by hovering geometric stones, which it can shoot at high speeds. 2d4 damage, which it can split between multiple targets
Appearance: A person in beige robes, with wings bursting out of their back. Roll 1d6 for additional traits
  1. Eyes. Far too many eyes, all over their wings and on every inch of visible flesh
  2. Extremities turned into white stone, gilded and bejeweled
  3. Turned into a being of living, blindingly bright light
  4. Even more wings. Wings everywhere. Is there even a person left?
  5. Shrouded in holy flame. The person underneath seems to be totally untouched
  6. Looks perfect and beautiful, in an almost uncanny valley sort of way
The bodies of the best and brightest members of the Golden Flame, possessed and twisted by the angels that they tried to communicate with. Percival himself was possessed by an angel of knowledge of sight and perception, "gifting" him with Damage 5 and Appearance 1, as well as 3 extra hit dice.

A GLOG In The Dark: The Whisper

 Blades In The Dark is a fun game, and has been on my mind recently. So when someone asked on the OSR discord server if there were any ghost...