Tuesday, March 30, 2021

20 Minute Dungeon - Troll's Tower


Recently, I heard that the man behind the blog Caput Capre had gotten into a private drunken challenge with some friends. In it, they each had to design an entire dungeon within the span of only twenty minutes. This sounded fun to me, and so I decided to try it myself. The result was the Troll's Tower, a crumbling ruin home to a ravenous, stealthy troll. I did the initial challenge on paper*, and then copied down the writing onto a Google Doc for better legibility. You can find the result down below:

The idea behind this challenge is to unleash your inner designer id; no thinking, no cruft, just vomit out the idea of a dungeon onto the page. It would probably work best with some sort of prompt, selected before you start the timer. Caput Caprae had "opera", while I had mossy ruins on the mind. If even one person bandwagons off of this, I'll be happy. If no one does, then I might be a bit miffed?

Click ME for legible text

*I don't even like the idea of mapping software. I'd much rather draw it with my own two hands, even if the result looks worse.

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