Saturday, October 3, 2020

5G Bestiary #2: Blood

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 Bloodtanks: Vampires and blood go together like peanut butter and chocolate. The decadent ones (and that's a lot of them) have great blood fountains, mix it into perfumes and makeup, bathe in it, and do all other sorts of ridiculous, wasteful things. But blood collection is messy, and you can't sit in a bathtub of blood for forever. That realization caused a particularly bloodthirsty vampire to invent the Bloodtank. With this wonderful invention, one could float in a tank of blood, controlling hypodermic needle-tendrils to quickly and cleanly extract more supply. The main "drawback" if the users even realize it, is that all that blood puts them in a constant blood high, making them constantly spacey. If you destroy it, well, then, be prepared to deal with a pissed-off naked vampire going through a blood withdrawl.

HD: 5  AC: As Chain  Speed: Normal, but hovers above the ground

Damage: 1d6, from blood-draining needle, and drains 1d3 strength until the next rest. Regain 1d2 of that strength every day/rest.

Blood Soak: The Bloodtank can vent a small amount of blood to make the surrounding ground slippery

Outer Shell: If destroyed, you still have to deal with the vampire inside

Wants: To keep its tank full and its brain nice and fuzzy, to get any parts need for repairs/tune-ups

There are occasional rumors that some Bloodtanks are designed to slot into larger Bloodmechas as a cockpit; however, this is ridiculous fearmongering, and you shouldn't have to worry about it.


HD: 6  AC: As Plate  Speed: Fast, and can scale walls

Damage: 2d6 from needle-tendrils, and drains 1d4+1 strength 

Ripper Claws: Deals 1d6 damage, and gives a -1 penalty to armor each time it hits

Outer Shell: If destroyed, you still need to deal with the Bloodtank inside

Drunken Visionary

There are many different kinds of liquids inside Seraphim's Gate. Milk, honey, holy water, and the blood of both men and angels all flow throughout in artificial creeks eroded into the cathedral floors. Occasionally, one can find a monk or nun drinking from one of these. Their clothes soaked with all these liquids, they're thoroughly drunk with the holy power within them, experiencing swirling holy visions. If you ask nicely, they may help you find the way, describing two separate, nearby locations, and their details and inhabitants in vague, cryptic descriptions of their hallucinations.

(Many thanks to Daemons and Deathrays, for inspiring the first creature, and for being the first RPG blog I ever stumbled upon.)

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  1. Your description of decadent vampires is the Claret Collective I set out to, and failed, to write. I love the rich imagery and the prose. Also, the idea of a holy person so drugged out they can talk to god is such a wonderful mental image and an even better adventure starter- what if two showed up in town and started spouting contradictory prophecies?


5G Bestiary #2: Blood

Art Source Here   Bloodtanks:  Vampires and blood go together like peanut butter and chocolate. The decadent ones (and that's a lot of t...