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13 + 1 Dragonclans of the Mountain

A note: not all of the entries on here are completely true. The universities of Pyrenica view the Dragonhomes as far more unified than they actually are.

  1.  Rauður Span
    Hoard: Slaves
    Scale Color: Bright red
    Brutal slavers, and the most famous of the dragon clans due to their frequent raids on coastal settlements. While all dragons clans are avid phrenologists, the Red Span are particularly obsessed with it; their skull-priests have great tomes filled with descriptions of every tiny difference in skull shape.

  2. Járnmagi
    Hoard: Spells
    Scale Color: Dull blue-gray
    Lords of Járnturn, where dissenters to the great dragon state are "reeducated". Their dragonborn have iron cages embedded in their stomachs, from which spells are enslaved and made to lash out in the heat of battle. It's rumored that long ago, one of these dragonborn fled, and began the art of bottle witchery.

  3. Stríðssynir
    Hoard: Weapons
    Scale Color: Burnt Orange
    The Martians are by far the most bloodthirsty clan, and would be even more infamous than the Red Span were it not for the fact that 3/4ths of their iron boats sink/fail because of their sheer weight. They've also began experimenting with using lenses to focus light into blinding, burning beams.

  4. Hoard: 
    Scale Color: Maroon
    Fierce, civilization hating anarcho-fascist-primitivists. Instead of using boats, they hollow out massive logs and set them adrift - YOU ARE DAMNED carved on the side, of course. Their pet wolves are filled with the drained blood of slaves, and have rudimentary knowledge of tool use and bipedal movement.

  5. Lilja Borða
    Hoard: Ships
    Scale Color: Sea green
    One of the main reasons that invasions of the Dragonhomes fail (besides the dragons) are the Lily-Eaters. An unique amphibious subspecies of kobold, the Lily-Eaters are masters of seaborn combat and have many nasty ticks up their sleeves - harpoon guns, chained cannonballs, etc. Any ship that isn't sunk by them is hauled and lashed to Fljótandibær, a cancerous town of interconnected ships.

  6. Stórir Sjáendur
    Hoard: Sacrifices (inanimate or animate)
    Scale Color: Black
    The priesthood of the Dragonhomes' state religion, which mostly consists of "give all your money to dragons and they'll definitely reward you". The high priesthood cultivate vestigial twins in emulation of their draconic leader, and listen to their whispered prophecies about the coming end times. The most frightening of these prophecy-makers are grafted onto dragonborn, and sent out as walking weapons of psychological warfare.

  7. Stjörnuskoðendur
    Hoard: The stars (hopefully)
    Scale Color: Brownish-purple
    The eldest of the dragon clans, led by no other than Vo Fanur. The clan has grown strange alongside him in his old age, and seek to possess the stars themselves. Mostly this has taken the form of gunpowder rockets, but both more efficient fuels and higher launching sites have been sought. In warfare, these rockets double as makeshift and (dubiously) safe drop pods.

  8. Álfavinir
    Scale Color: Neon purple-pink
    Psychonauts that see through this layer and into the next. They carry gas bombs filled with powerful hallucinogens (whose effects usually involve little metal men trying to convince you to stab yourself in the genitals). Uniquely, they actually revere their dragonborn, who are wired with extra brains, ears, eyes, etc so they can sense more. When questioned about the whereabouts of their long-absent draconic ruler, they always say she's "beyond the crystal forest". 

  9. Beinakóngar
    Hoard: Bones
    Scale Color: White (painted with elaborate patterns of black spikes)
    Led by a dracolich, the Crypt Kings assuage their leader's paranoia by filling his necropopalace with all sorts of cruel and unusual traps. The fearsome reputation for kobold traps can be traced back to them. They're also fond of the undead, and bury newly-born dragonborn alive in elemental rituals to create the undead known as cobolds.

  10. Lindwurms
    Hoard: Religious artifacts
    Scale Color: Moss green
    The bane of the Church, Lindwurms are fierce raiders on par with the Red Span, less well known only because their targets are much more specific. They sail up rivers and creep down from the woods in pincer attacks to raid churches, taking artifacts, enslaving clerics and paladins, and burning the rest. They proudly boast about how their ultimate goal is to take enough to draw the Suns' attention, so that it'll come down and they can take it too.

  11. Augu
    Hoard: Security/knowledge
    Scale Color: Stygian blue     
    Their leader insanely paranoid even by draconic standards, The Eyes are the secret police of the Dragonhomes. They are the ones responsible for disappearing dissenters and assigning "free" kobold spies to where they need to go. When they raid, it's always under the cover of darkness, and they never start the assault until they're already everywhere.

  12. Blóðörn
    Hoard: Their creations
    Scale Color: Pale pink
    The self-proclaimed inventors of the forcemongrels (known in civilized lands as the dragonborn). While the other clans would dispute this, there's no doubt about how they've mastered the craft. Their dragonborn are stronger, faster, and tougher than those of the other clans, and have those pesky former minds of theirs removed - or at least suppressed, trapped - so that there's no chance of betrayal.

  13. Trommusöngvari
    Hoard: Percussion instruments
    Scale Color: Bronze and/or beige
    The entertainers and artists of the Dragonhomes, the Bangskalds create all sorts of percussive instruments, from tiny bells to massive gongs. Their raids are an assault on the ears, as they concentrate the noise through special horns to deafen, confuse, and concuss. For some reason, they also have a reputation for being particularly dogged in chasing down escapees.
Endalaus, Nafnlaus
Hoard: Fat
Scale Color: Translucent
Exiled underground for reasons long forgotten, this clan has degenerated into something most strange. Emaciated, blind, with cartilage instead of bone, they wander the secret veins of the earth, bursting upwards in towns and villages to devour whatever they can get their hands on. Their dragon, considered to be a bit of a runt, has had a massive bounty placed on it, and so would-be dragon hunters often delve into the holes they leave to track them down and kill them.

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13 + 1 Dragonclans of the Mountain

Helping fill a void, as it were A note: not all of the entries on here are completely true. The universities of Pyrenica view the Dragonhome...