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 Bears. Trees. Rocks. Lichens. The wilderness, untamed by axe and plough. The darkness, unrevealed by lampposts and roadsigns. What's the point? Who could prefer that over the bustle of a great city? The clever rat, the mighty bouncer, the bold pigeon, the wise pickpocket, the kind opossum — these are your creatures.

Most of these class abilities have been stolen from deusSquigBoss, and Vayra

Starting Equipment: Plain clothes, no jacket but an umbrella, mace (the spray), a wallet with some form of ID

Starting Skills:    1. Architecture    2. Animal Handling    3. Meteorology    4. Rumourmongering

A: Streetlamp Soul, Tread of Rat, One True Love, +1 MD
B: I Know A Guy, I Talk To The Wind, +1 MD C: Tread of Cat, +1 MD D: I NEED YOU, +1 MD

Streetlamp Soul: You are a spellcaster that uses Metropolis Dice, which are identical to Magic Dice in every single way imaginable. You roll a d10 for a new spell at templates A through C, and choose one at Template D. Your DM may reward you with spells-as-treasure at their discretion.

Tread of Rat: Choose two of the following adjectives: smoky, narrow, dilapidated, glitzy, shadowy, bustling, expensive, imposing, damp, loud, unwelcoming, shunned. While in an area described by that adjective, you travel without being followed, find free lodging (of some sort) for one person, and can guide one person (including yourself) through the area at double speed.
    Every time you level up, select another adjective. Effects stack. Adjectives may be selected multiple times.

One True Love: You love the city, and nature's belly is filled with spite. You get -1 MD and -1 to rolls in towns, -2 in villages, -3 in dungeons, and -4 in wilderness, and your class abilities don't work. The latter two don't apply if it's inside a functional city, like a spooky sewer/crypt, or a park.

I Know A Guy: You know the way to every minor named character, around half of the medium-importance characters, and 2d3 important characters. There's a [template]-in-six chance that you've already met them before.

I Talk To The Wind: You may talk to either the wind, the roads, OR vermin. In all cases, their perspectives are strange and off-kilter.

Tread of Cat: If a human could leap a gap with a roll, you can leap it without a roll. If a human could climb a structure with equipment and preparation, you can climb it with your fingers and toes.

I NEED YOU: YOU CAN KEEP ME ON THIS EARTH. BE VIGILANT. I LOVE YOU. Oh, you have seen her in your dreams! and she has seen you on the crescent of the hill. Her wind-corridor heart, her hundred-thousand luminous arms, her body of sodium and soul of rain. You love the city, and the city loves you. Once per day, you may ask the city a question about a part of her self. Your answer will be in the cryptic purple prose of an utterly alien being that loves you very much.

A sacred tree


  1. Tragic Accident
    R: A stone's throw T: One being D: N/A
    Deal [dice] + [sum] damage to a single target. This manifests as an accident that could plausibly happen; if this can't happen in their current location, the spell will be delayed until they enter somewhere where it can happen.

  2. Possess Vermin
    R: A 100ft radius circle around you T: Up to [sum] city-dwelling animals D: [dice]*[sum] minutes
    You may see through the senses of and control target animals for the duration of the spell; pets are immune. If cast with 4 MD, you may instead transform yourself into the animals of your choice.
  3. Create/Destroy Attention
    R: Touch T: You or another person D: [dice]*[sum] minutes
    For the duration of the spell, the target is treated as though they're either the most interesting or least interesting feature of the area (caster's choice). If cast with 4 MD, they're instead treated as either the most interesting or least interesting feature of the whole city.

  4. Magic Graffiti
    R: Touch T: Up to a 10*10 sq. ft. section of wall D: One week
    You cover target wall with artistic designs of your choice. For each MD invested you may choose one effect:
    - You may see through the graffiti
    - You may hear through the graffiti
    - You may have the graffiti speak a message/sound upon a trigger event happening within a stone's throw of it
    - You may have the graffiti send a mental ping to you upon a trigger event happening within a stone's throw of it
    - The graffiti is animated and moves around
    - The graffiti places anyone who looks at it and fails a save into a stupor for up to [dice] hours

  5. Pass Through Hidden Places
    R: Up to [dice]*30 feet away T: A place you know about D: N/A
    You find a one-way passage for you and your companions to pass through to a place that you know about (that being defined as a location which you know both the purpose and location of). Crossing through narrow alleys, stairways, and tunnels, you bypass all obstacles/security and trigger no random encounter checks, but take double the amount of time to get there.

  6. Pea Soup Breath
    R: [dice]*30ft radius centered around you T: Self D: [sum] hours, or [dice] minutes in strong wind/sun
    Choking black smog pours from your mouth and nose to the surrounding area. The density and effects of the smog vary with the number of MD invested in him:
    - At 1 MD t
    he smog is sufficient to obscure details (faces, etc) and apply disadvantage to ranged attacks made through it.
    - At 2 MD t
    he smog is sufficient to obscure objects more than 5' away in their entirety.
    - At 3 MD the smog 
    is thick enough to conceal an outstretched hand, and obscures even magical vision
    - At 4 MD the smog deals [best] damage to creatures other than you with every breath, and they must roll STR each round or be struck permanently blind if it contacts their eyes directly.

  7. Demolish
    R: A stone's throw T: An object D: Instant
    You gesture, and the target rots/crumbles/corrodes to uselessness. The exact amount of destruction caused depends on the amount of MD invested.
    - At 1 MD, the effect is equal to a few blows with a hammer (handheld object, art)
    - At 2 MD, the effect is equal to a strongman with a sledgehammer (door, a whole room's worth of stuff)
    - At 3 MD, the effect is equal to a half-dozen strongmen with specialized tools (a wall, a tunnel)
    - At 4 MD the effect is equal to a well-placed blast of dynamite (a whole building)

  8. Skeleton Pass
    R: N/A T: A slip of paper D: One day
    For the spell's duration, the pass shifts and changes to give you access to whatever you currently want/need. The power of the effect changes on how many MD are used.
    - At 1 MD it gives you access to public services, like transportation and food, free of charge
    - At 2 MD it gives you access to private/paid events/locations, like concerts and clubs, free of charge
    - At 3 MD it can fool keycard readers and act as a VIP pass to places/events
    - At 4 MD it gives you access to very rich and very secret places, and alerts secretaries that their bosses need to meet with you ASAP

  9. One Man's Trash
    R: Touch T: A dumpster/trash can D: N/A
    Rummaging through the trash, you find up to [dice] slots of stuff worth up to [sum]*10 in standard currency. You can't find money with this, and don't earn XP from anything you sell from it.

  10. Command City's Cells
    R: Line of sight T: [dice] unimportant/unnamed NPCs D: [sum] minutes
    For the duration of the spell, you may see through the senses of and control your targets. Any damage that they deal or are dealt is mirrored onto you.

  11. Invoke Riot
    R: Earshot T: [dice]*[sum] people D: [dice] hours
    The targets of the spell are all filled with seething rage, which inevitably manifests itself as violence and property damage. You may direct them towards a general source of ire, but you must be at ground zero to cast it, and it starts immediately.

  12. Mark Turf
    R: Around you T: [sum] blocks D: Permanent
    You establish mystic dominance over a section of city. You are aware of the type and general disposition of magic cast within the area, and can designate [dice]-1 other types of event to sense. You can influence the general nature of the location (see Tread of Rat), and mundane and magical figures recognize you as an authority of the area. You may cast this on only one location at a time. 
 Mishaps/Dooms: No. Instead it works like Hubris, except, instead of you earning the City's ire, you begin to resemble it more and more, until you become so in-tune that you aren't human at all.

At 5 points, you're affected by a permanent chill, which makes you immune to extreme temperatures by virtue of always being uncomfortably cold.
At 10 points, you're surrounded by a halo of sodium-vapor light. You shed dim light in a 10ft radius with all the benefits and drawbacks implied
At 15 points, your mind begins to blur into the mind of the city. You cannot perceive yourself as an individual, only as a tiny part of a much greater whole.
At 20 points, you take a turn down an alley that wasn't there before, and isn't there anymore. You disintegrate into the genius loci.                                                                               

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  Bears. Trees. Rocks. Lichens. The wilderness, untamed by axe and plough. The darkness, unrevealed by lampposts and roadsigns. What's t...